Phased restart of WVAC Training in line with Government Guidelines

With recent lockdown restrictions being eased slightly allowing groups of up to 6 to meet in open spaces the club has been working behind the scenes to facilitate a limited return to training within guidelines set by England Athletics.

With this in mind Beccles sessions will restart this Wednesday 10th June on a basis of 5 runners to 1 LiRF across 3 Base Camp sessions and 1 Altitude session, this is following a soft launch of an Altitude session last week.

Lowestoft will soft launch a week later on Tuesday 16th June with one session in each group held at Normanston Park on a 5 runner to 1 LiRF basis, runners taking part will be first come first served. After the 1st session there will be a review and possible changes if needed which will then lead into more sessions the following week. On week starting 22nd June sessions hopefully will be held on both Tuesday and Thursday depending on guidance at that time.

For this to work it’s essential that everyone abides by the 2m social distancing rules, as if any of us are seen to be disregarding this rule by members of the public it could lead to a backlash against the club – you are all ambassadors for WVAC.

For anyone that doesn’t feel confident with coming back to limited group sessions, your group coaches will be able to advise on a suitable session plan you can carry out yourself so you don’t miss out.

It’s anticipated that lockdown will be relaxed further from July, with this in mind anyone wanting to take part in sessions from 1st July will be required to have renewed their club membership.

For those who have already renewed their memberships, we are very thankful.

Membership remains at £32 for the year. This includes the UKA affiliation fee, although UKA had previously intended to raise this to £16, they have retained the previous years £15 fee. Although we’ve lost a couple of months of the race season already, it’s important to note that the same fee is incurred whether a member joins or renews in April or in October, the half-yearly membership the club usually offers new members only still incurs the same affiliation fee which results in the club receiving less for our own club funds, funds that allow us to offer paid entry to the XC Winter League (£5 per race). 2nd claim membership remains at £20 for the year.

It would be greatly appreciated where possible for forms to be sent electronically and membership payments made via BACS so the group coaches do not have to handle paper forms and cash etc.

Important note: Due to the extraordinary circumstances that led to the delay in renewals we will not be applying a penalty fee to any late renewals.

Details on renewing membership can be found here: