Club response to the reducing of restrictions put on by the club due to the impact of COVID19

To all club members

As chairperson of Waveney Valley Athletics Club, I would like to communicate the clubs’ response to the reducing of restrictions put on the club by the impact of COVID19.

We are now restarting senior & junior training sessions meeting the guidelines given to us by English Athletics. With the current 5+1 restrictions this reduces who can join the sessions so to help could I ask you to join the WhatsApp group relating to your running group colour (Lowestoft) or name (Beccles). Coaches can help members join the correct group and for the time being this is what the club will use for training session announcements and involvement.

Due to the current situation, Waveney Valley Athletics Club Seniors & Juniors membership fees will only be the English Athletics portion which is £15 for the rest of the 2020 year up to 31st March 2021. We still need to charge the English Athletics portion to maintain affiliation and the associated benefits.

  • Runners who have already paid the full WVAC membership fee so far, or choose to do so for this season will have their 2021–22 membership fee reduced by the difference for that year. Ultimately no member will be left out of pocket over the two seasons. Another option in this scenario would be to use this excess payment towards club kit should you require it.
  • For the seniors, any Suffolk Winter League XC fees will be paid for by the members who take part at the event for the 2020–21 season (should they go ahead) as this cost would usually come out of the membership fee.
  • The juniors will also be paying any track and field competition fees if or when events happen.

Second Claim members are invited to renew at a reduced rate of £10 for the year.

We feel as a club that this is the best way of overcoming the current situation with COVID19 and its impact on the club and our members.

If any runner is having difficulty paying this reduced fee please contact, in confidence, one of the committee members or myself to have a chat about how the club can help.

I hope you understand the route the club is taking and please have patience with the volunteers who are helping run our club and the added tasks they have taken on board.

Thank you for your time

Mike Illingsworth