The challenge is on!

So whilst our athletes are in lockdown and missing the start of the Track and Field season, they have been busy undertaking other challenges! You may have seen our athletes on our social media pages with the launched of the T-Shirt Challenge, this was the simple task of dressing themselves in a t-shirt – whilst upside down! We have had lots of athletes email us their videos, surprisingly all successful attempts too. Very entertaining, so please keep them coming in.

Next up we have the Relay Challenge. Our athletes are now taking part in pass the baton (well banana!)
If you would like to take part in our relay challenge, the details are below.

Please use a banana as a baton wherever possible
Only an arm allowed to be visible at the start exchange (to receive)
Your arm must extend before you go out of shot 
Only one athlete in the relay 
No longer than 3 seconds 
Record in landscape (not portrait)

Please email your entries by Friday 15th May, so they can be edited together.