Snowdonia Marathon, Trowse, Martlesham & Holt 10K’s.

Running a marathon can be a tough challenge in sport, but when that distance includes encircling the highest peak in England and Wales, the race becomes even more demanding.  On October 29, Waveney Valley A.C. members Lisa and David Joyce joined more than 2,000 runners to put their stamina to the test in the Snowdonia Marathon, which started and finished in the village of Llanberis. The steepest climb in the spectacular route on Mount Snowdon, of around 1,200ft, appeared in the later stages of the event before the descent to the finish.
Lisa, who was getting over a head cold before the race, was forced to stop at the 17 mile point and was wrapped in a foil blanket temporarily before resuming to finish in a time of 5-37.18. It was her third marathon and she described it as by far her toughest ever race. 
It was her husband David’s first marathon and he completed the race in a time of 4-37.30. 
At the Trowse 10k, held on the same weekend, Ray Knights finished 215th in a time of 50:50, Jo Fisk was 350th in 56:05 and Chris Mills 480th in 1-06.18. At the Holt 10k, Bill Kingaby, recovering from hamstring problems, was 124th from a field of just under 400 competitors in 46:38. The race was the final in the 10-race Leathes Prior Norfolk Grand Prix 2016 series and he has finished second in his age group.
At the Martlesham 10k, Peter Andrews recorded a personal best 42:30 while in the 5k event Alan and Jayne Richardson also achieved pb’s of  24:32 and 27:40 respectively. Amie Ogilvie, in her first 5k, finished in 35:02. On Sunday, three club members took part in the inaugural Bure Valley 10 mile race. David Mower was 95th in 1-17.39, Lisa Knights 98th in 1-18.08 and Angela Mower 241st in 1-54.03. 
Personal best times recorded at the 5k parkruns: Tina Winney 28:26, Sam Stevens 18:38, Peter Andrews 20:28, Benjamin Cone 21:19, Billy Underdown 21:33, Nathan Littlejohns 22:53, Beth Bell 27:07, Jon Comyn 19:32, Leon Neeve 19:59, Oakley Arnould 25:46, Sue Woolnough 25:54, Stephanie Pimlott 26:03, James Gooch 27:14, Lee Roth 27:15, Jayne Richardson 27:16, Rebecca Clough 31:04, Steve Carruthers 20:54, Paul Brown
> 22:35, Jon Andrews 23:41, Alan Richardson 23:45, Simon Stevens 24:58, Amanda Scarff 27:49, Laura Head 31:04, Jane Spendlove 34:20, Claire Parfrey 30:04, Amie Jane Williams 27:37 and Mark Thompson 18:46.