Parkruns, Twilights & Run Norwich 10K

Waveney Valley Athletic Club members have taken part in many of the regions events recently> including the popular 5k parkrun races. Members find these races, held every Saturday locally at Lowestoft, Gorleston and Fritton Lake, provide an ideal opportunity to gauge their current fitness and to attempt new personal best times.
There were PB’s achieved during July at the parkruns by Sam Jacks 19:14, Francis Guildea 28:31, Beth Bell 28:40, Gill Johnson 30:17, Jane Spendlove 35:47, Laura Head 31:12, Matt Baldry 20:46, Andy Ayers 24:21, Lily Collins 24:54, Cheryl Goymer 25:34, Claire Parfrey 31:39, Angie Jeffs 38:47, Jayne Richardson 27:58 and Peter Rogers 20:36. New members are Laura Quantrill 22:48, Sue Woolnough 27:38,
Amie Ogilvie 36:33, Lee Roth 29:59, Laura Oliver 35:02 and Emma Platt 34:04.
At the Ipswich Twilight 10k on Aug 5, Jayne Richardson ran another best time, recording 58:43. At the same event, Mike Illingsworth clocked 45:37 and new member Graham Jackson 1.04:18. At the Worstead 5 mile race, Stuart Smith finished in a time of 43.58.
On Sunday, the Run Norwich 10k was held which attracted an entry of more than 4,000 runners. Waveney Valley had two dozen members competing. Their times were: Liam Nudd
43:54, Kyle Bowles 44:31, Matt Baldry 44:56, Paul Brown 46:03, Bob Milner 46:05, new member Daren Maeer 48:34, Chris Pitman 53:00, Mark Smith 53:01, Louise Adamson 53:49, Lindsay Howlett 55:31, new member Chris Mills 55:48, Alan Varle 56:43, Cheryl Goymer 58:44, new member Stuart Brown
1.00:34, Paul Peek 1.03:50, Sarah Phillips 1.03:50, Beth Bell 1.05:11, Jo Fisk 1.05:12, Suzy Knights 1.05:13, James Gooch 1.07:59, Michaela Gooch 1.07:59, Amanda Scarff 1.13:58, Gavin Hamilton 1.14:59, Donna Milner 1.20:29 and Laura Head 1.21:37.