Great Yarmouth 5 Miles Race 2

A dozen Waveney Valley Athletic Club members enjoyed a successful second race in the Great Yarmouth 5 mile promenade series last week with just under half running personal best times.

With just a slight southerly breeze, the weather was markedly better than the gales and driving rain of race one a fortnight earlier and Jonathan Comyn, Kevin Booth, Ailsa MacDonald, Joe Mayne and Paul Harrod all recorded new best times for the distance.

As in race one, Tim Earl was first to finish for Waveney Valley, Bill Kingaby matched his previous performance by receiving the trophy for second place in his age group and a new member, Lee Cousens, made his debut appearance for the club.

The race was a fixture in the Runners Centre Grand Prix series and had a very strong entry of 198 runners. W.V.A.C. results : – 29 Tim Earl 31:59, 40 Lee Cousens 33:09, 50 Alan Fairs 34:04, 55 Bill Kingaby 34:18, 61 Jonathan Comyn 34:36 p.b., 67 Kevin Booth 35:05 p.b., 100 Ailsa MacDonald 38:26 p.b., 101 David Mower 38:27, 109 Joe Mayne 39:10 p.b., 134 Paula Lambert 42:14, 163 Paul Harrod 45:08 p.b., 194 Angela Mower 53:22.