Fritton Lake XC

The fifth race in the Suffolk Cross Country League was hosted by Bungay Black Dog Running Club at Fritton Lake. Despite the really horrendous weather, Waveney Valley Athletic Club made the most of a local fixture, by fielding a record number of fifty seven members, not only a record for the club, but also a record entry from a single club at a race in the league.
Fielding another strong squad of runners ensured that Waveney remain in top spot in the combined ladies and men’s league table.
The two-lap course at Fritton proved to be very challenging as it was extremely slippery underfoot and runners had also to contend with the strong gusting wind as well as the torrential rain.
Matt Jeffries who really relishes a challenge, made light work of the tough conditions, winning the race in style in clocking 25:37. Dominic Oliver was also in top form in taking second place with his time of 25:55. Dylan Neeve, Martin Horlock, and Richard Moore all packed in well in finishing in 12th, 13th and 14th places respectively. Richard was also first in the V50 age group. Chris Pimlott put in a good club captain’s performance in finishing in his highest position this season, in crossing the line in 17th place with his time of 29:12. Karim Ouddane was not far behind in recording 29:41 in 23rd place. The men’s A team once again finished top in the men’s team event.
Waveney recorded a double victory, with Sam Lines coming out top in the ladies section, with her swift time of 29:28, a brilliant achievement considering the difficult conditions. Rose Nicholson also ran well, taking fourth spot in the ladies section, with her time of 31:56. Kylie Rafferty in just her second outing in the league also did well in recording 39:16 finished in 169th place overall, was 24th in the ladies section. The Ladies A team have now moved up to second place in the ladies section.
Senior Results:
First Matt Jeffries 25:37. Second, Dominic Oliver 25.55. 12th Dylan Neeve 28:36. 13th Martin Horlock (V40) 28:43. 14th Richard Moore (1st V50) 28:56. 17th Chris Pimlott (V40) 29:12. 19th Sam Lines (1st Lady) 29:28. 23rd Karim Ouaddane (V50) 29:41. 26th Martin Collins (V50) 29:51. 27th Daniel Harris 29:52. 31st Lloyd Scriven (V40) 30:02. 33rd Sebastian Lakes 30:15. 42nd Liam Nudd 31:05. 44th Peter Rogers (V40) 31:11. 45th Paul Sullivan (V50) 31:12.
51st Richard Aukland (V45) 31:41. 54th Tim Earl 31:49. 56th Rose Nicholson 31:56. 59th Jon Comyn 32:02. 65th Leon Neeve 32:29. 67th Peter Andrews (V45) 32:35. 68th Chris Bradford 32:36. 69th Logan Moore 32:37. 77th Wayne Freeman (V55) 33:06. 86th Tim Moore 33:30. 88th Andy Ayers (V40) 33:44. 92nd Mark Smith (V40) 34:10. 93rd Mike Quantill (V45) 34:18. 109th Matt Baldry (V40) 35:04. 116th Mike Illingsworth (V45) 35:39. 119th Robert Milner 35:43. 129th David Mower (V60) 36:31. 138th Alan Fairs (V45) 37:04. 141st Steve Gibbs (V50) 37:14. 154th David Joyce (V45) 38:15. 163rd Simon Stevens (V45) 38:44. 166th Chris Comyn 39:10. 169th Kylie Comyn (V35) 39:16. 173rd Sarah Norman (V35) 39:26. 177th Jon Andrews 39:33. 201st Karle Howard (V45) 41:18. 202nd Rob Knights 41:19. 205th Jenni Hoye (V35) 41:25. 206th Alan Varle (1st V70) 41:28. 215th Layla Bedford (V40) 41:50. 216th Vladimir Laptikhovsky (V50) 41:56. 227th Stuart Smith (V55) 42:42. 228th James Gooch (V40) 43:03. 241st Paul Harrod (V55) 44:56. 242nd Amanda Scarff 45:03. 244th Lisa Wilson (V45) 45:12. 255th Samantha Claxton (V35) 47:12. 259th Natalie Brown (V40) 49:17. 261st Caroline Clamp (V45) 49:32. 262nd Pam Warne (V50) 49:49. 266th Angelene Ayers (V40) 51:42. 271st Kate Howlett (V35) 56:18.