Brian Boardley’s Latest Book

From The Eyes Of A Child

This is a story about a young, ten-year-old boy from the East End of London, who like thousands of other children, when war broke out in September 1939, was sent to the countryside to live with strangers to avoid the impending threat from Hitler’s Luftwaffe. Tommy Wittingham, our principle character, finds himself and his best friend, Billy Thorpe, billeted with a well-to-do family, the Burwoods. In Tommy’s own words he tells of the way their lives were to change, not always made welcome by the locals, they find it hard to settle down at first. However, as times go on, life does get better for the evacuees, as the story unfolds.

Signed copies by the author can be purchased by post or in person from Brian Boardley, 191 St Peter’s Street, Lowestoft NR32 2LT priced £7, plus £1.50 p+p.