Bath Two Tunnels

Waveney Valley AC’s over 60’s team have been presented with their winning trophies from the Ekiden Relay event after a delay of a few weeks. The event took place last month but a mix-up with the results meant the team could not receive their trophies on the day of the event. The team retained their top place after being victorious last year also.

Lisa Wilson took part in the Bath Two Tunnels Half Marathon on a course that took in the Limpley Stoke Valley and Bath City Centre. She completed the race in a time of 2-24:12

Entries are still being accepted for the Lowestoft Scores Race which takes place on September 9th. The senior course takes in 254 steps of the towns iconic Scores, covering a distance of approximately 4.75 miles. The juniors race over a distance of 1.4 miles.

Club members that have achieved late summer personal best times in the 5k parkrun events include: Denise Bjorck 34:00, Mary Jones 33:05, Carol Ryland 30:19, Rachel Collins 28:18, Seth Frankland 26:38, Daryl McKeown 24:23, Vaughn Beckham 23:37, Danni Liffen 23:26, Lily Collins 23:17, Jessica Hall 22:55, Chris Strange 20:19, George Browne 19:04, Steve Carruthers 18:43, Jay Lingwood 18:04, Jenny Green 33:50, Michelle Caldwell 32:33, Natalie Brown 26:28, Jo Fisher 26:15, Paul Maccormick 24:28, Nigel Lyman 22:54, James McAllen 22:28, Theo Chong 21: 29, Sue Cole 37:18, Emma Platt 33:44, Jo Garbutt 30:57, Claire Randall 27:37, Thomas Spurgeon 20:39, Sarah Norman 23:16, Stephanie Oldman 32:19, Gail Barnard 28:24, Debbie Foster 28:05, Dean Bain 16:55, Laila Spurgeon 33:44.