Barcelona Marathon, Broadland, Colchester & Silverstone Half’s, Mad March Hares & Parkruns

David Mower achieved an excellent performance at the Barcelona Marathon recently, knocking more than five minutes off his previous fastest time to record a personal best 3-47.23 in his fourth marathon.
David’s impresssive run adds to the sizeable list of p.b’s he has attained in recent years over a number of different distances. His son Chris, who lives and works in Bury St Edmunds and is a member of Bury Pacers, added to the family success story by running a time of 2-58.56 in the same race, also a personal best.
At the Broadland Half Marathon on March 13, five club members were in action. Mike Quantrill finished 79th out of 378 finishers in a time of 1-36.43. Rob Knights was 227th in 1-58.28, Alan Richardson 231st in 1-58.52, Suzy Knights 279th in a personal best 2-06.26 and Cheryl Goymer 317th in 2-13.03.
Five members also competed in the Colchester Half Marathon. Almost 2,500 runners took part with Lloyd Scriven having a very strong run to finish 47th in 1-24.58. Caren Elvin and Peter Andrews recorded a time of 1-54.03, finishing in 1,015th and 1,016th. Nina Hopson-Pope was 1,735th in 2-10.28 and Philip Worlledge 1,841th in 2-12.46.
Bob Milner took part in the Silverstone Half Marathon in Northamptonshire and completed the race in a time of 1-39.45 and on March 20 Kyle Bowles finished in 28th place from almost 300 competitors at the Mad March Hare 10k at Coltishall in a time of 40:55.
At the Lowestoft parkruns, there were personal best times recorded during March by Thomas Spurgeon 22:46, Vladimir Laptikhovsky 23:46, Sarah Phillips 26:29, Gerard Gibson 28:07, Wayne O’Neill 30:37, Tracie Ashford 27:47, Cheryl Goymer 26:46, Lisa Wilson 27:13, Bob Milner 20:51, Matt Baldry 22:13, Nathan Littlejohns 23:28, Jay Butcher 24:30 and Laura Head 33:51. Making their debut at the event for the club were Daniel Harris 19:34, Samuel McDonald 31:05, Rachel Hogg 34:23, Katherine Moore 30:42 and Taela Hodds 34:07.