Wymondham 20 mile

Five members of Waveney Valley Athletic Club were part of a 300 strong field at the Wymondham 20 mile road race on
Sunday. The event is one of the final opportunities in the region for runners to gauge their levels of fitness before embarking on spring marathons.
First home for the club was Karim Ouaddane in 21st place in 2-17.43. He was the prize winner for first to finish in the 50-54 age category which was some consolation for his discomfort at the end of the race caused by blisters. Next was Becky Langford, who having achieved four personal bests in a row, narrowly failed to make it five. She was just over a minute outside her best 20-mile, crossing the line in 95thin 2-44.12
Karle Howard and Rebecca Harris ran together for most of the race, with Karle finishing in 214th in 3-18.51 and Rebecca in 216th in 3-19.18. It was the first 20-mile race for them both and Rebecca’s next race will be the London Marathon where she is running for the Sense charity.
Suzy Knights, recovering from an injury, planned to do just part of the race, pulling out just over half way, very
pleased her calf muscles had survived the test.
5k parkrun personal best times for March:- Daren Coulter 23:45, Agatha Gouldby 28:05, Matt Baldry 20:26, Billy
Underdown 21:28, Chris Pitman 21:43, Simon Stevens 23:31, Sue Woolnough 25:34, Louise Harrod 25:45, Paul MacCormick 25:51, Amanda Scarff 25:58, Ella Newman 26:24, Nicky Illingsworth 29:31, Sarah James 30:22, Mandy Roberts 31:56, Sam Stevens 17:55, Mike Quantrill 20:36, Oakley Arnould 24:00, Jennifer Hoye 24:14, Daniel Critoph 24:21, Jacqui Perring 26:13, Jayne Richardson 27:09, Demelza Hammond 29:20, Pamela Warne 29:31, Laura Head 30:30, William Browne 22:11, Liam Nudd 18:55, Lisa Cone 28:51 and Emma Branch 29:33.